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Suggestions to manage the current outbreak of coronavirus infection

1. We suggest that no students who have recently arrived from China should attend any class for at least 14 days after their arrival. The same applies to students who have come into contact with anyone who has recently arrived from China within 14 days of their arrival.

2. For the time being, anyone with flu-like symptoms including temperature, runny nose, etc should not attend class for 14 days after the onset of the symptoms.

3. Everyone at training should take on a higher level of hygiene, by washing their hands before and after training, and after going to the toilet while at the dojo, and avoid the sharing of cups or water bottles at training etc.

Naturally, if anyone is diagnosed with coronavirus, this should be notified to the organization as soon as possible. This makes the accurate recording of attendance and the provision to the organization of up-to-date contact information even more important, in case of emergencies.

Andrew Dziedzic
National Area Representative


2020 Summer School
Group Photo

At the 2020 Summer School 38 people were presented with a Life Achievement certificate for having trained 40 years or more. Some have reached 50+ years! Awards were also presented to many students who had trained for 25+ years.

40+ years Life Achievement awards

Some of the people who received the
25+ years award

Upcoming overseas events

In March, Takase Shihan and New Zealand will be holding their 50th Anniversary celebration, with guest instructors from around the world and with Mitsuteru Ueshiba,  leading the training. Then in July, immediately following our own Winter School, the Malaysian Aikido Association (MAA) will hold its 25th  Anniversary. After that in September the IAF Summit will be held in Tokyo. Planning is already underway for a Japan tour to follow immediately after.    

The Australasian Aikikai association is welcoming two senior instructors from the UK to run a seminar on 30-31 May, at Gosford NSW. Gordon Jones Shihan, 7th Dan and Eddie McCalla Sensei, 6th Dan will be leading the training. If any AKA student would like to attend please follow this link. 

Thinking of Visiting Hombu Dojo?

                   Contact us first!
Hombu dojo has changed the way they accept foreign students who wish to train there for short periods of time.

News & 

Kagami Biraki Appointments

Big news for Aiki Kai Australia at the 12 January Kagami Biraki festival where senior appointments are annually announced! 

Thirteen of our most senior instructors were appointed Shihan by Hombu dojo, plus six 6th Dans and five 5th Dans. See full list here

Members confirm decision to drop
Personal Accident Insurance

Note: Our Public/Professional Liability insurance remains 100% in force.

Following on from the resolution at the Annual General Meeting at 2020 Summer School, our brokers have been informed that our personal insurance cover is to be cancelled immediatelyMORE

AKA members representing the association overseas

Jikou Sugano Sensei represented us at an IAF event in Korea. While Tristan Derham Sensei and Diana Hope represented us at a very special embukai at the Aiki Shrine in Iwama, Japan.

To top it off, we have been strongly represented by around a dozen people at the 20
th anniversary celebrations of the Global Inner Aikido School (GIAS) at Maredsous in Belgium.

As usual, our Trustees are very busy, teaching in the UAE, Belgium, Britain and Malaysia and other Aiki Kai Australia trainees and teachers have attended a number of significant events overseas as well.

Basic grips and pins plus 4th & 5th Kyu grading videos now on website

See them on our Video page:
Media > Videos

For the newer students we have uploaded 3 videos which will show you the basic grips and pins we use.


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premium & standard weave

We stock a full range of items to equip a new student with everything they need for Aikido training, at very reasonable prices.

Low-cost Uniform for Kids

Due to the rapidly rising numbers of children joining our classes across the country, we have made available a low-cost, beginners uniform for the smaller kids. Check it out in our Shop. They can be easily mailed anywhere across Australia!

Need Aikido training items?

What is 

The Japanese martial art of Aikido is a comprehensive system of throwing, joint-locking and pinning techniques based on a philosophy of non-aggression.

It is not a sport.


Aikido has many physical and psychological benefits. The versatility of the art makes it ideal for students of all ages.


Aikido really does try to train without the over use of physical strength, which is the reason why males and females can work together equally.

When joining a martial school the student takes on a completely different attitude to exercise than if you were joining a gym.


Aikido is a Way

There is commitment and there is obligation
Do not abuse or misuse the art of Aikido
Study carefully, honestly and humbly
Respect your seniors 
Take care of your juniors 
                                   Seiichi Sugano 8th Dan

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