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Aiki Kai Australia

National Aikido Association of Australia




Doshu shares an Aikido class - taking Covid-safe precautions

We continue our study of Aikido as best we can!
With lockdowns and health restrictions this is not easy.
Our thanks to all of you for your tremendous spirit in this trying period!


40+ years
Life Achievement awards

Some of the people who received the 25+ years award

Upcoming overseas events

All international events are currently on hold

Thinking of Visiting Hombu Dojo?

                   Contact us first!
Hombu dojo has changed the way they accept foreign students who wish to train there for short periods of time.

News & 

Marion Artis to take the reins as State Area Representative for Tasmania. Lance Wilson is now the Assistant SAR. Congratulations go to Martin & Bodhi for doing a great job!

Unique Kamidana made
specially for us

Aiki Kai Australia commissioned the making of some very special and unique kamidana as thank you gifts for future very special visitors who come to share their Aikido with us.      MORE

Chemere Birkinsleigh has provided us with an extra illustration for the basic Sword Stances we use in Aiki Kai Australia. The new addition shows defensive jodan (as seen in the Go-no-ken movement). Most are familiar with the offensive position, the sword held high above the head, but the defensive position can be tricky, particularly when you have your left leg forward. That's the version we have on the amended page of illustrations.  MORE

Kagamibiraki Appointments

Four 7th, two 6th & a 5th Dan confirmed at Kagamibiraki in January

Roger Savage Shihan, 7th Dan

David Brown Shihan, 7th Dan

Hugh Derham Shihan, 7th Dan

David Scott Shihan, 7th Dan

Margaret Dinan, 6th Dan

Andrew Ross, 6th Dan

Elisabeth van Papenrecht, 5th Dan


Australia's only range of

Available in both
premium & standard weave

We stock a full range of items to equip a new student with everything they need for Aikido training, at very reasonable prices.

Low-cost Uniform for Kids

Due to the rapidly rising numbers of children joining our classes across the country, we have made available a low-cost, beginners uniform for the smaller kids. Check it out in our Shop. They can be easily mailed anywhere across Australia!

Need Aikido training items?

See them on our Video page:
Media > Videos

For the newer students we have uploaded 3 videos which will show you the basic grips and pins we use.

What is 

The Japanese martial art of Aikido is a comprehensive system of throwing, joint-locking and pinning techniques based on a philosophy of non-aggression.

It is not a sport.


Aikido has many physical and psychological benefits. The versatility of the art makes it ideal for students of all ages.


Aikido really does try to train without the over use of physical strength, which is the reason why males and females can work together equally.

When joining a martial school the student takes on a completely different attitude to exercise than if you were joining a gym.


Aikido is a Way

There is commitment and there is obligation
Do not abuse or misuse the art of Aikido
Study carefully, honestly and humbly
Respect your seniors 
Take care of your juniors 
                                   Seiichi Sugano 8th Dan

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