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Aiki Kai Australia

National Aikido Association of Australia



How to Join Aikido

It's very easy to join an Aiki Kai Australia dojo.

It only takes three simple steps:

1. Select a dojo that is convenient for you to attend.  See our list of dojos here.

2. Go and watch a class, see if Aikido is for you. Ask the instructor as many questions as you want. Feel free to talk to the other students as well, see what they think. 
If you haven't done Aikido before you MUST watch a class before you can train.

3. If you like what you see and hear, you can join up immediately or, if you are still a little unsure we offer a once only 3 month introductory membership. Most dojos also offer introductory lessons to help new students settle in.

Our annual membership fee structure is the green area on the right, plus you need to pay a mat fee set by your local dojo.


Two levels of membership when you join 

We have two levels of membership, an Introductory Membership which is for three months only and comes at a cost premium. You can only take this out once. You also have the choice to take an Annual Membership, which is renewed on the anniversary date of joining.

Opportunity to see what it's like before becoming a full member 

You cannot train if you are not a financial member, this is to do with legal indemnity cover, but we do try to give you plenty of opportunity to see if you like Aikido before becoming a full member. Ask at your local dojo. National membership fees cover things like legal indemnity insurance, so both you and the organisation are protected should a litigation occur, essential in today's world. The fees also cover necessary national administrative costs to maintain services to the members, like this website for instance and funding national instruction. However, whatever money you pay it all goes to the development of Aikido, as this is a fully volunteer organisation.

How to join

Once you've observed a class and think Aikido is for you, on the right, at the top, is a orange/green button which will take you to our New Member Application forms, when you complete it you are becoming a member of Aiki Kai Australia as well as registering to be a student of The Sugano Foundation. The association is our legal body and the Foundation maintains the 'quality control' of our training.

If you are filling out the paper version, complete Sections 1 & 2 of the Membership Application form and take it with you to the dojo when you are about to have your first lesson on the mat. Your instructor will tell you what to do from there.

We hope you enjoy training Aikido with us!


Paying by EFT?

Account Name: Aiki Kai (Australia) National Aikido Australia Inc,
Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB: 063 233 / Account No: 1009 0036

If you make a bank transfer please email '' to let us know and we make sure it arrives OK.

How to Join if you are under 18!
For new students under the age of 18, please complete the online form but you must also use this downloadable Membership Application form, with the Parent or Guardian to co-sign and provide the hard copy to your instructor.

 PDF Membership Application form 

Membership Fees

 3 month
Applies once-only

Full Annual
 Adult $60  Adult $190
 Family (max) $84  Family (max) $266
 Junior $24  Junior $76
 Concession $24  Concession $76
 Student $24  Student $76

 University 1/2 year $5
   University full year $10

 Visitor from another
related assoc.  

 Sliding scale based on time training with us

New Student Resources:

 Answers to Questions On Aikido and AKA (1873 KB) 

 KYU Grading Syllabus (337 KB) 

 Glossary of Aikido terminology (337 KB) 

 Notes for New Students (241 KB) 

 Stances, Grips & Attacks

 Sword stances

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