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Aiki Kai Australia

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Admin Area

This page is for AKA local administrators and Instructors only
In this area, we provide links to the various local directories showing if a student's membership has
not lapsed, in other words they are financial.
These directories can only be accessed by designated
State/Territory Administrators and Instructors. 
If a person is not showing on these lists, they are not currently approved to train.

If you are not able to access information you think you should be able to view, please contact your Area Representative. That person authorises both access to state information and assigns designated instructors within a state. The AR will inform the webmaster or national registrar to provide access.

Financial Members By Location
and by dojo within that location
If a student's name does not appear,
they are not allowed to train

ACT Financial

NSW Financial

NT Financial

QLD Financial

SA Financial

TAS Financial

VIC Financial

WA Financial

Access to Instructors Area


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