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Membership Renewal

Renewing your existing ANNUAL membership 

You will receive a number of email reminders and there are a variety of ways to access the payment process.

You will receive an email invoice to renew your membership 30 days before it is due. You can click on the link to access your profile and view/pay the invoice. 

If you don't use the email invoice, the next time you come into the website, there will be a reminder that you owe the membership amount (in the bottom right hand corner) and you can click on that link to access the invoice.

You can login to your profile anytime using the  button above.

Under Invoices & Payments select the invoice for your annual renewal, indicate how you will pay for it. If you need to alter your membership category you must do this in your profile before a renewal notice is raised, otherwise email and advise the required change.

Payments via credit card are renewed as soon as the payment goes through. 
EFT payments are not confirmed until the money has been transferred to our bank account and the National Registrar manually confirms the payment in our system - please allow for this time when making a renewal by EFT.

Upgrading from a 3 month INTRODUCTORY offer

There is no reminder email with INTRODUCTORY memberships, only one when your membership expires.

Toward the end of the term of your Introductory Membership you will receive an email inviting you to take up an Annual Membership. An invoice will automatically be created and you must pay that invoice for your upgraded membership to be active. On the next anniversary date of you membership follow the ANNUAL instructions at left.

Please remember the annual anniversary period begins when the card or EFT payment is confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email with your next renewal date.

When you first login and don't have a password click on the 'Forgot Password' button and one will be emailed to you.

Minigishi Shihan, 7th Dan, highest graded female teacher taking a class in Australia

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