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Aiki Kai Australia

National Aikido Association of Australia



Aikido New Member Application

Duty of care to protect all students, and not able to obtain COVID related insurance cover, forces us to require ALL MEMBERS must be double vaccinated to train - no exceptions.

You will be required to show your double vaccination certificate when entering the dojo

New Membership Levels


Most categories 
offer a, once-only, 3 month introductory membership

For any memberships which includes more than one person from the same family,
please apply using the Family membership


Already belong to an Aikikai related association and want to train with us for just a short period?
Apply for a Visitor Pass.

Read the new membership Declaration

Membership Fees

 3 month


Full Annual
 Adult $60  Adult $190
 Family (max) $84  Family (max) $266
 Junior $24  Junior $76
 Concession $24  Concession $76
 Student $24  Student $76

 University 1/2 year $38
   University full year $76

 Visitor from another
related assoc.  

Sliding scale based on time expected to train with us. See Visitor Pass on the left

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