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New State Area Representative for Tassie!

It is with some sadness and also great pleasure that we announce a changeover of State Area Representative for Tasmania. The sadness is because Martin Bratzel Sensei, ably assisted by Bodhi McSweeney, has decided to relinquish the position. Martin and Bodhi had collectively and energetically thrown themselves into the role and under their care and guidance the state has risen to new heights of camaraderie and the joy of training Aikido. Their iconic dojo at Tenchi Farm has become, and will most likely remain, as the heart of Aikido in Tasmania. As an example, the people at Hobart dojo think nothing of driving 3 hours to go to Tenchi Dojo for a weekend of training. This is due to the enthusiasm and overwhelming hospitality that Bodhi and Martin exude, wonderful traits which have guided them as they managed being Area Representative for the state.

For those of you unfamiliar with the role of the State Area Representative, this is a pivotal position within the organisation. Originally, these people were all senior, trusted students appointed by Sugano Shihan and today the position is still held in the same high esteem, but now the person is not necessarily the highest grade in the state. State Area Representatives are appointed today by the three Trustees (designated by Sugano Shihan to guide the association on his passing) as their representative in each state. It also has to be said, we may not have sufficiently, publicly acknowledged and thanked these people in the past for their remarkable work, we are now starting to make up for this deficit.

The pleasure is to welcome Marion Artis into a senior role for Aiki Kai Australia. Marion has been training for over 20 years and her organisational skills are well known in Tasmania. Like Martin and Bodhi, Marion has a wonderful warm way about her, coupled with a clear and incisive mind so we can only see the state continuing to flourish with her gentle but firm hand!

Stepping in as Assistant Area Representative is Lance Wilson, whose highly enthusiastic training and manner is well-known in Tasmania. Lance is the type of person to throw himself 110% into anything he does and the growing dojo at Lorinna bears witness to how people, young and old, flock to train with him. He is already the current registrar for the state and Marion couldn’t have a better person to assist her.

To Martin & Bodhi for your past work and to Marion & Lance for the future, we can’t thank you all enough, we recognise the dedication and time it takes to do this supremely important role for the association.

Outgoing State Area Representative for Tasmania, Martin Bratzel Sensei
and Bodhi McSweeney

Newly appointed State Area Representative for Tasmania, Marion Artis,
and Assistant State Area Representative for Tasmania, Lance Wilson

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