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New National Area Representative

Aiki Kai Australia is always looking to the future and to maintaining a strong and active group of people who can assist the growth of Aikido in Australia. As a part of this growth, after an extensive time in the role, I'm retiring as National Area Representative and we are very pleased to advise the Trustees of the Sugano Foundation have appointed Marie Petery Shihan, 6th Dan, as the new National Area Representative, which will take effect from 1 July 2022.

Petery Sensei comes with many years of experience not only personally as an Aikidoka but also in managing a large sports complex. She is greatly admired by all who know her and has broad experience of Aikido matters both locally and internationally. 

For those unfamiliar with the NAR role it is the main executive role in Aiki Kai Australia and is part of the Technical & Teaching Committee as well as being the lead coordinator for the state and territory based Area Representatives. This is one of the most senior roles in the country and is a vital axis for most of the country-wide activities we oversee.

We are very confident everyone will join us in congratulating Marie Sensei on her senior appointment, and in wishing her all the best in the new position!

Marie Petery Shihan, 6th Dan

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