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National Events

Every year we have two traditional major national events, Summer School and Winter School, where our most senior instructors, including Smibert, Botterill and Janiv Shihans, lead the seminars. Plus we are often pleased to invite international guest instructors. In addition to these two leading events there are a number of regular camps and seminars held throughout the year in various states. You may also book online to attend certain events, if the registration is open you will find these events on the right side of this page. 

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St Ignatius College Riverview, Sydney

7-12 July 2024

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Summer School - national event

Summer School is our largest event, usually held in Melbourne, where students come from all over the country to train together. Held over six days in January there are dozens of classes available, taught by our most senior instructors. Guest teachers are often invited for the duration of the seminar and have included the previous Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, the current Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba, plus Dojo-Cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Yamada Shihan and Osawa Shihan. Everyone from beginners to seasoned students attend and, of course, we finish with a party. 

Winter School - national event

Winter School is held in July with training in the crisp air of a Sydney winter. The smaller classes,cool mornings and terrific venue promote focussed study and fellowship. Join in the sunrise meditation training and daily practice with Aiki Kai Australia's most senior teachers, plus instructors from Japan and Europe. This school focuses on clearly establishing good, basic waza (technique). 

TTC Seminars - state events, often with interstate instructors

Twice a year, members of the Technical and Teaching Committee and selected 6th Dan instructors travel to each of the major centres in Australia to teach a weekend course. These courses are an opportunity to have direct and intensive teaching from the most senior instructors in the country. Courses are themed around basic technique and consist of a minimum of six hours of training. The seminars reinforce the national syllabus so that students of Aiki Kai Australia are practising the same basic movements right across the country. These are not a set of individual classes but a structured event that builds over the entire training period. To get the full benefit you should aim to attend a complete TTC course, not part of one. 

Hanami Geiko - example of a regional event

Hanami Geiko is held in the beautiful spring countryside of Tasmania's north. 'Hanami' are cherry blossoms and viewing the flowers is a special part of this training. It is a celebration of Aikido and nature, community and friendship. Classes are held at the Tenchi Farm, a picturesque private dojo near Deloraine, and students are invited to stay at the Farm for the duration of the seminar. The weekend finishes with sake and sushi under the cherry blossoms by the beautiful Meander River.

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