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Hakama in store!

Our wholesaler is now stocking a hakama that was co-developed with Aiki Kai Australia. We had been looking for some time to make a hakama available to members but have not been able to source one that fit our specifications. Hakama sourced from Japan fit the material specifications but the manufacturing cost and shipping were far too expensive. Fortunately, through our wholesaler, we were able to develop a hakama produced in Taiwan with the necessary upgrades that made it suitable for our requirements.

Generally, non-Japanese hakama have very poor quality himo (cords) that are too thin and often don't hold their shape for folding and/or are too short for Australian bodies. The himo of this new hakama have 9 rows of stitching to strengthen them and so they will hold their shape when we tie them after training. See hakama on the right, you can also see a larger version if you follow the link below. 

The koshiita (back support) centrepiece has also been upgraded to maintain its shape after constant ukemi, plus a support to slot over the belt and hold the garment firmly in place (some people prefer not to have a firm piece in this location, in which case please feel free to cut it off). They come in a black colour and are made from a durable blend of polyester and rayon. They wash well, dry quickly, come in a range of sizes and are easily the same quality as entry level hakama from Japan, at a much more affordable price. Perfect for everyday training!

You can buy these hakama through our online Shop.

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