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Members confirm decision to drop the 
Personal Accident Insurance component

However, our Public/Professional Liability Insurance remains 100% in force

Following on from the resolution at the Annual General Meeting at 2020 Summer School,
I have notified our brokers that our personal insurance cover is to be cancelled immediatelyAll students should be aware that from now on our previous personal insurance is no longer available for claims relating to any accident relating to Aikido after 29 January 2020.

Up to now, this insurance had provided a small amount of cover on a no-fault basis for
on-Medicare expenses not covered by private health insurance. (There is a summary of
the cover provided up to now by this policy on our website.)  

This change also highlights the importance of reminding new members that Aikido is a martial art with inherent risks of personal injury, so that they definitely should consider whether they need to take out personal insurance cover of their own. They should consider for example, income protection insurance or private health insurance, and take into account the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses flowing from a long-term injury, and which might affect ability to work for a lengthy period.

This change however will not affect the ability to claim for injuries which occurred before 
29th January, so long as they have been notified to the insurer and are the subject of a claim within 90 days of the injury.

Note however that our Public Liability policy - with coverage for $20m - remains in force.
This is designed to cover us for catastrophic or really major injuries, and generally requires a successful court action in order to be activated. In other words, this public liability cover does not provide any coverage unless or until formal legal liability is established, usually in court.

However also note carefully that this change does not in any way change the necessity to promptly and fully document and report injuries and incidents, as currently occurs. 

If you have any queries, please call me or email me.

Kind regards to all,

Andrew Dziedzic
National Area Representative

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