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Double vaccination mandatory in
ACT, NSW & VIC now,
other states/territories to follow

In its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Aiki Kai Australia is guided by its longstanding history of care and concern for the health and welfare of all students - and so is taking its responsibility to look after everyone's health and well-being very seriously, under the guidance of our most senior practitioners in Australia - and on the guidance of medical advice from state and national authorities. You should also be aware our policy and stance is under very regular review, to take into account new developments, which are closely monitored.

Aikido is by its nature is a very close contact activity and carries with it a significantly higher risk of infection. 

Thus, in order to minimize the chance of infection, from now on it's our policy that all students must be double vaccinated in order to train in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. For the rest of Australia, where there are currently no lockdowns, the requirement to be double vaccinated will come into effect when the state/territory opens up to travellers from interstate, or if they have a community outbreak, whichever is the sooner. It's also anticipated that this policy will be further modified when third doses of vaccine are recommended.

For the time being, sadly, those with medically certified exemptions from vaccination will not be able to train either as they have a greater risk of being potential carriers. Those with exemptions can still participate in online Zoom classes, while they are available, and we urge those affected to speak to their local Area Representatives about their situation.

All students will be asked to acknowledge that by coming to training, they are agreeing that they do so entirely at their own risk, since there is no way that the possibility of infection can be completely eliminated. This is especially so for those who have any condition or are in an age group which makes them especially vulnerable - they should seek medical advice before training in an environment where they might be infected. The unfortunate reality is that at any time an asymptomatic carrier might be in the dojo (or at outdoor training), so even full vaccination cannot guarantee complete protection. Each time students go to training they will also be asked to confirm that they are not suffering any flu-like symptoms, and that they are not in isolation or in contact with anyone in isolation. 

Each state is putting in place measures that are appropriate to local  conditions and regulations according to national guidelines and advice, right down to the local dojo level - and so we ask for everyone's full co-operation and support through this very difficult period - keeping in mind that we're all working together to ensure the safety of everyone on the mat - so that we may all safely return to see each other on the mat at a national school one day!

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