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John Karas Sensei has passed away

Sadly, Tasmania’s John Karas Sensei 6th Dan, has died suddenly of natural causes. John was much loved by all who knew and trained with him, and as an early student of Sugano Sensei a pioneer of Aikido in Tasmania.  Those who now train there know how much his efforts of close to 50 years have meant to the growth and spirit  of Tasmania in that State. He was an inspiring teacher and friend and I thank him for his invaluable support and assistance to so many, including me.  John’s contribution was immense, as is our loss. 

With gratitude to Robyn, Nathan and John’s entire family, and from throughout Aiki Kai Australia, the sincere condolences of his many other friends. 

Tony Smibert

For the Sugano Foundation Trustees,
The Board and Teaching Committee of Aiki Kai Australia

Karas Sensei demonstrating a technique only a few weeks ago at Tenchi Farm dojo

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